Who We Are


ASPBAE thrives not only from its membership, but also from its diverse team – the Executive Council and members of staff that are spread across the Asia Pacific. Together, they strive to effectively work together to ensure a relevant, strong, and robust network across the region.

Executive Council

A highly competent and engaged ASPBAE Executive Council provides leadership to the organisation, ensuring ASPBAE successfully navigates the complexities of its work in diverse contexts.

Nani Zulminarni


‘Women Headed Family Empowerment’ (PEKKA)


Maria Helen Dabu


ASPBAE Secretariat

Manila, Philippines

Representatives for South Asia: Sub-Region 1

Meenu Vadera

Azad Foundation


Ehsanur Rahman

Dhaka Ahsania Mission


Representatives for East Asia: Sub-Region 2

Eri Yamamoto

Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA)


Amartuvshin Dorjsuren

"All for Education" National Civil Society Coalition of Mongolia


Representatives for Southeast Asia: Sub-Region 3

Nguyen Thi Kim Anh

Vietnam Association for Education for All (VAEFA)


Jose de Jesus

Civil Society Education Partnership (CSEP)


Representatives for the South Pacific: Sub-Region 4

Kilala Devette-Chee

Papua New Guinea Education Advocacy Network (PEAN)

Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Peter Clinton Isaac-Foaese

Adult and Community Education (ACE) Aotearoa

Aotearoa, New Zealand

Representatives for Central Asia: Sub-Region 5

Nasiba Mirpochoeva

MCF MicroInvest


Tilebaldy Uulu Eliizar

Institute for Youth Development

Kyrgyz Republic

Our Team

ASPBAE’s strong staff complement enables ASPBAE to remain institutionally strong and vibrant in diverse contexts in the Asia Pacific.

Maria Helen Dabu

ASPBAE Secretary-General

ASPBAE Secretariat

Email: helen.aspbae@gmail.com

Maria Lourdes Almazan Khan

Consulting Director for Policy and Strategic Directions; former ASPBAE Secretary-General (1995-2020)

ASPBAE Secretariat

Email: maria.aspbae@gmail.com

Atty. Agnes H. Maranan

ASPBAE Corporate Secretary & Legal Counsel

Email: attyahm@gmail.com

Alena Mara Sipalay

Executive Assistant to the Secretary-General

ASPBAE Secretariat

Email: aen.aspbae@gmail.com

Anita Borkar

Regional Coordinator

Training for Transformation Programme

Email: anita.aspbae@gmail.com

Medha Soni

Information and Communications Coordinator

Information and Communications Programme

Email: medha.aspbae@gmail.com

Rene Raya

Regional Advocacy Coordinator and Lead Policy Analyst

Asia Policy Advocacy and Campaigns

Email: rrraya@gmail.com

Lae Santiago

Research and Advocacy Officer

Asia Policy Advocacy and Campaigns

Email: lae.aspbae@gmail.com

Ana Christina Almocera

Ana Christina Almocera

Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant

ASPBAE Secretariat

Email: ana.aspbae@gmail.com

Maita Villaluna

Senior Finance Officer

ASPBAE Secretariat


Sandeep Joshi

Senior Finance Manager

ASPBAE Secretariat

Email: sandeep.aspbae@gmail.com

Florence May Bans-Cortina

Florence May Bans-Cortina

Education Out Loud (EOL) Regional Coordinator

Education Out Loud (EOL) Programme

Email: maya.aspbae@gmail.com

Peter King

Capacity Support and Advocacy Adviser (CSAA)

Education Out Loud (EOL) Programme

Email: peter.aspbae@gmail.com

Susmita Choudhury

Capacity Support and Advocacy Adviser (CSAA)

Education Out Loud (EOL) Programme

Email: susmita.aspbae@gmail.com

K.M. Enamul Hoque

Capacity Support and Advocacy Adviser (CSAA)

Education Out Loud (EOL) Programme


Priyanka Pal

Youth Coordinator

Education Out Loud (EOL) Programme