Policy Advocacy

Asserting policy and financing support for the full SDG 4 targets


ASPBAE works towards expanding abilities to press governments, donors, inter-governmental bodies, and financing institutions to strengthen public education systems. These education systems must secure the right of all people to quality, inclusive, and transformative basic, youth, and adult education within climate-saving, gender-transformative, and equitable learning systems.

ASPBAE calls for sustained civil society engagement in education policy all levels, leading to secure and sustainable institutionalised spaces for civil society participation in public policy and decision-making processes.

ASPBAE’s advocacy objectives are pursued through evidence-based campaigns and policy engagements, through coordinated and complementary initiatives at national, regional and international levels. ASPBAE will forge partnerships and solidarity with other regional and global civil society actors that share common perspectives and aspirations with ASPBAE.

ASPBAE pursues policy research, information and media work, lobbying and policy dialogue, citizens monitoring initiatives, budget tracking actions and social mobilisation.

It engages with UNESCO, other UN agencies, donors and financing bodies at the regional and global levels for effective coordination and calls on national governments to protect and accelerate the full SDG4 agenda amidst the set-backs caused by the pandemic.