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ASPBAE’s Basic Leadership Development Course (BLDC) 2022 – Equity in Education

ASPBAE’s Basic Leadership Development Course (BLDC) 2022 was themed on ‘Equity in Education’ and focused on building capacities of emerging leadership in ASPBAE’s member organisations to sustain transformative educational approaches for education equity. It also served as a space to facilitate structured reflection and exchange on adult learning principles and lifelong learning perspectives that are transformative, gender just, rights-based, contributing to sustainable development and a just peace.

The BLDC 2022 was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 19-24 September 2022.

The main aim of the BLDC, a 5-day residential course, was to engage leadership from the Asia Pacific to foster greater interaction between education and the wider SDGs, and strengthen interaction between practitioners of youth and adult education and advocates of SDG 4 to appreciate and strengthen transformative approaches to ALE for equity in education.

More specifically, the BLDC aimed to –

  • Develop a critical understanding of the contexts in the Asia Pacific and the COVID-19 pandemic that has exacerbated the inequalities in education, specifically that of adults and young people.
  • Orient on policy frameworks, specifically those that enable building of transformative approaches and systems for basic, youth, adult education and lifelong learning.
  • Facilitate structured reflection and exchange towards developing a basic understanding of adult learning principles and lifelong learning perspectives that are transformative, gender just, rights-based, and contribute to sustainable development.
  • Enhance skills and attitudes on processes that support networking to mobilise leadership among basic, youth, and adult education practitioners and education policy advocates in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Gain a better understanding of ASPBAE’s work and strengthen a core of educators and policy advocates who will associate closely with ASPBAE members and national education coalitions to strengthen transformative approaches for equity in education.

In keeping with ASPBAE’s commitment to experiential and participatory learning, the BLDC was designed to build on the experiences of participants and to be attentive to their learning needs and priorities. It employed innovative methodologies to facilitate active engagement of the participants in the learning process.

The Course Directors for this year’s BLD were Nguyen Kim Anh (ASPBAE Executive Council member representing South East Asia), Peter Clinton (ASPBAE Executive Council member representing the South Pacific), and Amartuvshin Dorjsuren (ASPBAE Executive Council member representing East Asia).

BLDC 2022 was hosted by the Vietnam Association for Education for All (VAEFA) bringing together 26 participants from 14 countries in the Asia Pacific.