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invertedcomma.jpgAn institutionally robust ASPBAE, able to offer a platform for exchange and learning of its members and CSOs working to advance the right to education and lifelong learning; as an advocate for the right to basic, youth and adult education and lifelong learning; and as a partner in leadership and capacity-development of its members.

ASPBAE is the only civil society network in the Asia South Pacific that is promoting basic, youth, and adult education within a rights-based and lifelong learning framework.


A network like ASPBAE that is spread across many countries, with a wide and active membership ,makes possible a powerful articulation and representation of a strong Asia Pacific civil society voice, drawn from the perspectives and realities of vibrant education civil society organisations operating in the region. With its reach and the breadth, it-offers strong credibility as an advocate of the right to education and lifelong learning, able to operate at several levels - national, regional, and global. A network of this diversity and coverage offers a valuable and significant platform for cross country learning and solidarity – vital for advancing the practice of trans-formative education and lifelong learning.


As a regional, membership-based organisation, ASPBAE derives its strength and identity from its membership that is diverse and vibrant and broad-based. The members play an intrinsic and vital role in shaping ASPBAE’s work and future directions.

ASPBAE’s membership is comprised of community-based organisations, NGOs, women’s organisations, youth organisations, popular education groups, educational institutions, national education campaign coalitions, national adult education networks, and individuals operating in more than 30 countries in the Asia Pacific.

ASPBAE’s members operate at different levels – several at the grassroots, many at national and sub-national levels and increasingly, cross-country.

ASPBAE works with national education campaign coalitions and education advocacy networks in 22 countries in the Asia Pacific - India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Timor Leste, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Samoa.

ASPBAE counts in its membership, national adult education networks in India, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

ASPBAE perseveres to remain a relevant and responsive to its membership. A core part of this effort is maintaining a strong information and communications programme that keeps members informed, engaged and inspired to contribute to and learn from the organisation.


ASPBAE has defined governance and accountability processes to ensure its democratic and transparent functioning.

The highest decision-making body in ASPBAE is its General Assembly which regularly convenes once every four years to agree its strategic directions and elect its Executive Council – the highest decision-making body of the network in between sessions of the General Assembly.

ASPBAE’s Executive Council is made up of the ASPBAE President, the Secretary-General (ex officio), and representatives from the 4 sub-regions where ASPBAE works – South and Central Asia; East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific. Each sub-region is represented on the Executive Council by one male and one female representative from amongst ASPBAE’s membership. Gender-balanced representation in ASPBAE’s governance structure is enshrined in ASPBAE’s Constitution.

The incumbent Executive Council was elected in 2016 and will preside over ASPBAE’s 8th General Assembly in 2020.


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