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The Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) is a regional network of more than 200 civil society organisations and individuals operating in around 30 countries of the Asia-Pacific. ASPBAE works towards promoting the right to quality education and transformative and liberating lifelong adult education and learning for all. Through its work, ASPBAE lobbies with governments to uphold education as an empowering tool to combat poverty and all forms of exclusion and discrimination, enable active and meaningful participation in governance, and build a culture of peace and international understanding.

ASPBAE's core strategies are Policy Advocacy, Leadership and Capacity Building, Building Strategic Partnerships, and Institutional Strengthening.

ASPBAE works to ensure that the internationally agreed goals, especially Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education, its targets, indicators, and framework of action are translated in robust education sector plans at the country level; the resources required to meet the full agenda are mobilised and judiciously applied; and that the processes and mechanisms for accountability, coordination, capacity building, and monitoring of Education 2030 are set up, with the institutionalised participation of civil society, including representative organisations of learners, teachers/educators, parents, and youth.

ASPBAE aims for concrete victories and seeks increased budgets to meet the demands of the new, wider global education agenda, especially in its commitment to equity, wider notions of education quality of which sustainable development and global citizenship are inherent core elements; in improved allocations, especially to earlier neglected areas such as youth and adult literacy, skills for work, especially for the informal sector of labour and women; in concrete steps being taken towards increased domestic resource mobilisation; increased and better quality aid; and the adoption of regulatory frameworks and accountability mechanisms on private engagement in the education sector, thwarting the aggressive privatisation push in education which undermines the right to education.

ASPBAE’s capacity building work is oriented to building the capacities of adult education providers to enrich adult education practice in the region, and in building the capacities of civil society organisations – especially broad fronts of national-level education campaign coalitions – in advocacy on the right to education and lifelong learning to hold governments, donors, multilateral and intergovernmental bodies, and other decision-makers to account.

ASPBAE forges partnerships with civil society global and regional networks advancing the right to education and lifelong learning, notably the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and its constituent bodies, the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE), DVV International, and regional education networks in the different continents of the world. It is the regional focal point in UNESCO’s Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education 2030 (CC NGO Ed2030).

ASPBAE is an NGO in official relations with UNESCO with Associate status and is on Roster Status with UN ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council). It works closely with several UN agencies such as UNESCO, especially its offices and institutes in Paris, Bangkok, and Hamburg, with UNICEF, UN ESCAP in Bangkok, and UN DESA in New York.

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